10Pcs Hepa Filter for Lefant M210 Series & OKP K3 Robotic Vacuum Cleaners

1. **Compatibility:** Fits Lefant M210, M210B, M213, M210S, and OKP K3 robotic vacuum cleaner models.
2. **HEPA Filtration:** Efficiently traps fine dust particles, enhancing the air quality.
3. **Ease of Installation:** Simple design allows for quick and hassle-free replacement.
4. **Quantity:** The pack includes 10 filters, offering good value.
5. **Build Quality:** Durable material contributes to a longer lifespan.


Price Point: Some users might find the cost slightly higher in comparison to generic filters.
Limited Compatibility: Exclusively fits specific Lefant and OKP K3 models, limiting usage for other robotic vacuums.
Potential Fitting Issues: Although designed for the mentioned models, minor fitting inconsistencies have been reported.


Can these filters be washed and reused?

It is generally advised to replace HEPA filters rather than washing them.

How often should I replace the filters?

Replacement frequency depends on usage, but typically every 2-4 months for optimal performance.

Do these filters fit other vacuum cleaner models?

They are specifically designed for Lefant M210 series and OKP K3, so compatibility with other models is unlikely.

Are these filters genuine or third-party products?

Information regarding whether they are genuine or third-party must be confirmed with the seller.

What’s the size of these filters?

The exact dimensions can usually be found in the product specifications or by contacting the seller directly.

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