13 Feet Boundary Magnetic Strip for Robotic Vacuum Cleaners: Review

1. **Universal Compatibility**: Suitable for multiple robotic vacuum brands such as Neato, Shark, Roborock, and Xiaomi.
2. **Easy Installation**: No additional tools or complicated setups required.
3. **Non-Intrusive**: The slim design allows for discreet placement, blending seamlessly with home decor.
4. **Effective Boundary Setting**: Efficiently prevents robotic vacuums from entering restricted areas.
5. **Durable Material**: Resilient against everyday wear and tear.


Length Limitation: At 13 feet, might be short for larger rooms or multiple areas.
Fixed Shape: Limited flexibility in terms of shaping or turning tight corners.
May Not Stick Well on All Surfaces: Possible issues with adhesion on certain floor types.


Can this strip be cut to desired length? Yes, you can cut it to fit specific areas.
Is the magnetic strip visible on dark flooring? Its discreet design is meant to blend, but visibility might vary based on floor color and lighting.
Does it require any batteries or power source? No, it works purely based on magnetism.
Can it be used on carpets? While it’s primarily designed for hard floors, its effectiveness on carpets might vary.

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