13000Pa Handheld Vacuum: Wireless, Cordless & High Power 100W Cleaner

1. **High Suction Power:** The 13000Pa suction is impressive and highly effective for cleaning various surfaces.
2. **Cordless Design:** Without a cord, this vacuum cleaner offers more flexibility and freedom of movement.
3. **Rechargeable Battery:** Easy to recharge and provide a decent battery life for extended cleaning.
4. **Versatility:** Suitable for multiple applications like car cleaning, office, and home usage, including pet hair removal.
5. **HEPA Filter Included:** Comes with a HEPA filter, which is an excellent addition for those concerned with allergies and dust sensitivities.


Weight: Might be a little heavy for prolonged usage in hand vacuuming.
Noise Level: The vacuum can be relatively loud compared to other models on the market.
Battery Life: Although rechargeable, the battery may not last long enough for large cleaning tasks.
Limited Accessories: May lack specific attachments or accessories for specialized cleaning.

People Care FAQs:

Q: Is this vacuum suitable for pet hair?
A: Yes, it’s designed to handle pet hair cleaning.
Q: How long does the battery last on a full charge?
A: The battery duration might vary, but generally, it should last enough for standard cleaning tasks.
Q: Can the HEPA filter be replaced?
A: Yes, the HEPA filter can be replaced, offering continuous optimal performance.
Q: Is it suitable for cleaning liquids?
A: This vacuum cleaner is primarily designed for dry vacuuming and might not be suitable for cleaning liquids.

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