3-in-1 Robot Vacuum & Mop Combo: Alexa-Compatible with Extra Kit

– **3-in-1 Functionality:** Efficiently vacuums, mops, and sweeps, offering comprehensive cleaning.
– **Alexa Compatibility:** Enables hands-free voice control for added convenience.
– **App Control:** Provides seamless management and scheduling from your smartphone.
– **Self-Charging:** Automatically returns to its dock for charging, ensuring it’s always ready to clean.
– **Effective on Various Surfaces:** Performs well on low-piled carpets, hard floors, and is adept at picking up pet hair.
– **Generous Replace Kit:** Comes with 2 mops, 2 brushes, and 3 filters, ensuring longevity and optimal performance.


Limited to Low-Pile Carpets: Might not be as effective on thicker carpets or high-pile rugs.
Regular Maintenance: With multiple functionalities, it requires consistent cleaning and maintenance.
Physical Barriers: Like many robot vacuums, it can get stuck on or struggle with some physical obstacles.


Can it detect stairs or drops?
How often do the filters need replacement?
Is the app compatible with both iOS and Android?
How long is the battery life on a full charge?
Is it noisy during operation?

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