5-in-1 Stick Vacuum, 20000Pa Power, 1.5L Cup, Lightweight Household Cleaner

Pros and Cons


20000Pa Powerful Suction: Ideal for removing stubborn dirt and debris.
1.5L Large Dust Cup: Convenient for longer cleaning without frequently emptying.
5-in-1 Functionality: Versatile cleaning across hardwood floors, carpets, and pet hair.
Lightweight Design: Easy to maneuver, especially in tight spaces.
Corded Power: Ensures continuous cleaning without needing to recharge.


Corded Design: May restrict movement in larger areas.
Potential Overheating: Some users may experience the device heating up with extended use.
Noise Level: Could be louder than comparable models.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can this vacuum cleaner be used on all floor types? Yes, it is designed to clean hardwood floors, carpets, and is effective for pet hair removal.
Is the dust cup easy to empty? The 1.5L dust cup is designed for easy emptying, although some users may find it a bit challenging.
Does it come with additional attachments? The 5-in-1 functionality includes various attachments to suit different cleaning needs.
Is it suitable for households with pets? Yes, its powerful suction makes it suitable for cleaning pet hair.
How heavy is the vacuum cleaner? It’s designed to be lightweight, but specific weight details should be checked with the manufacturer or vendor.

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