6-in-1 Cordless Stick Vacuum T121: Power, Versatility and More

Product: 6-in-1 Cordless Stick Vacuum T121


Multi-functionality: As a 6-in-1 vacuum cleaner, the T121 stands out for its versatility. The unit easily transitions between a stick and a handheld vacuum, catering to a variety of cleaning needs.
Cordless design: With a cordless construction, this vacuum cleaner offers freedom of movement, letting you clean hard-to-reach areas without being tethered to a power outlet.
Strong Suction Power: The vacuum exhibits remarkable suction capabilities, proficient at removing stubborn dirt and pet hair.
Detachable 2200mAh Battery: With a robust and removable battery, the vacuum cleaner facilitates uninterrupted cleaning and hassle-free recharging.
Four HEPA Filters: The four inbuilt HEPA filters enhance the vacuum’s filtration, effectively trapping minute dust particles and allergens.
LED Brush: The LED brush is a bonus, assisting in spotting dust in dimly lit areas or corners.
Suitability for Hard Floors and Pet Hair: Its design and features make the T121 well-suited for hard floor cleaning and efficient pet hair removal.


Battery Life: While the 2200mAh battery is detachable and powerful, the battery life might not be sufficient for prolonged cleaning sessions, particularly in larger homes.
Limited to Hard Floors: Although the vacuum excels on hard floors and pet hair, its effectiveness on carpets or upholstered surfaces may not be as commendable.
Filter Maintenance: The presence of four HEPA filters might demand regular maintenance and replacements, contributing to higher running costs.


How long does the 2200mAh battery last on a full charge?
Are the HEPA filters washable or do they require replacement?
Is the vacuum suitable for cleaning carpets and upholstery?
Does the vacuum come with additional brush attachments?
How does the LED brush work and what benefits does it offer?

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