80000 RPM Cordless Vacuum Cleaner – 2600mAh, 5-Stage Filtration, 40 Mins Runtime

1. **High-Speed Brushless Motor:** 80000 RPM motor ensures strong suction and efficient cleaning.
2. **Long-Lasting Battery:** 2600mAh lithium batteries offer up to 40 minutes of runtime, sufficient for most cleaning tasks.
3. **Effective Filtration:** 5-stage filtration system captures small particles and allergens, leaving air clean.
4. **Cordless Design:** Offers freedom of movement and flexibility in cleaning different areas.
5. **Suitable for Hardwood Floors:** Designed to clean hard surfaces without scratching or damaging them.


Potential Suction Decrease over Time: Some users might experience a decrease in suction with extended usage.
Battery Life May Vary: Depending on the usage, the battery might not last the full 40 minutes.
Weight and Ergonomics: Might be heavier or less comfortable for some users, depending on individual preferences.


Q: Can it clean carpets as well as hardwood floors? A: It is designed primarily for hard surfaces, and its performance on carpets might not be optimal.
Q: What is the charging time for the batteries? A: Typically, charging the 2600mAh batteries takes around a few hours.
Q: Is the filtration system washable? A: Yes, the 5-stage filtration system is designed to be cleaned easily.
Q: How noisy is this vacuum cleaner? A: Noise levels are reasonable but might be a concern for some users.

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