Analysis of Kenmore DU5080 Bagless Upright Vacuum – Detailed Overview

Product Under Review: Kenmore DU5080 Bagless Upright Vacuum – 2-Motor Power Suction with HEPA, Pet Handi-Mate


Bagless Design: Kenmore DU5080’s bagless design is a clear benefit. This feature eliminates the need for regular bag replacement, contributing to the appliance’s ease of use and maintenance.

2-Motor Power Suction: The appliance comes equipped with a 2-motor power suction. This feature is responsible for its impressive and robust suction capabilities, helping ensure a thorough cleaning process.

HEPA Filter: The inclusion of a HEPA filter is a significant plus. It efficiently traps small particles, contributing to a healthier and cleaner home environment, particularly beneficial for those suffering from allergies or asthma.

3-in-1 Combination Tool: The 3-in-1 combination tool enhances the vacuum’s versatility. It provides flexibility to deal with different cleaning scenarios, from upholstery to crevices.

Pet Handi-Mate: A unique feature designed specifically for pet owners. The Pet Handi-Mate tool efficiently tackles pet hair and dander, offering a solution for maintaining a clean home, even with furry companions.


Weight: Kenmore DU5080 is an upright vacuum and tends to be heavier than its counterparts. This aspect may affect its maneuverability, particularly in homes with stairs.

Noise Level: Despite its powerful 2-motor system, it can generate a substantial amount of noise. Users who prioritize quiet operation may find this factor challenging.

Limited Reach: While the vacuum offers strong performance on carpets and hard floors, its reach might be limited for higher places. Users may struggle to clean ceilings, fans, or other high surfaces.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is the Kenmore DU5080 vacuum cleaner suitable for hard floors?
Yes, this vacuum cleaner is designed to function efficiently on both carpets and hard floors.

Does the vacuum’s weight affect its maneuverability?
Due to its upright design, the vacuum might be a bit heavy, which can impact maneuverability, particularly in homes with stairs.

Is the noise level high?
The vacuum’s 2-motor system does produce considerable noise. If you’re sensitive to sound, this factor is worth considering.

Can the vacuum clean high surfaces efficiently?
The vacuum might struggle to clean ceilings, fans, or other high surfaces due to its limited reach.

How does the Pet Handi-Mate feature work?
The Pet Handi-Mate is a tool designed to tackle pet hair and dander efficiently, helping maintain a clean home environment for pet owners.

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