Assessing the Bissell CleanView Compact Upright Vacuum Series Brush Roll Replacement

Let’s delve into the pros and cons of the Replacement Brush Roll for Bissell CleanView Compact Upright Vacuum Cleaners, designed for Series 2112, 3508, 2690, and 1520. Its OEM number is 1606837.


Designed Specifically for Bissell CleanView Series: This brush roll fits seamlessly into the Bissell CleanView Compact Upright Vacuum series mentioned, ensuring a fuss-free replacement process.

Enhances Performance: The design and make of the brush roll significantly improve the vacuum cleaner’s suction and pick-up abilities.

OEM Part: As an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) part, it guarantees compatibility and functionality consistent with the original appliance part.

Durability: Built with robust material, it assures longevity and reliability, ensuring a prolonged lifespan for your vacuum cleaner.


Limited Compatibility: While this brush roll is ideal for the mentioned Bissell CleanView Compact Upright Vacuum series, it might not fit other vacuum cleaner models or brands.

No Installation Guide: The absence of an instruction guide can make installation challenging for individuals unfamiliar with the process.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1: Is this brush roll compatible with other Bissell models?

A1: This brush roll is specifically designed for the Bissell CleanView Compact Upright Vacuum series 2112, 3508, 2690, and 1520. Compatibility with other models is not guaranteed.

Q2: Does this brush roll come with an installation guide?

A2: The product does not include an installation guide. However, you can refer to the manufacturer’s website or contact their support for assistance.

Q3: How frequently should I replace the brush roll?

A3: The replacement frequency depends on usage and wear and tear. Regular inspection for noticeable wear or decreased performance can guide replacement needs.

Q4: Is this an OEM part?

A4: Yes, this brush roll is an OEM part, meaning it has the same quality and compatibility as the original part.

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