Assessment of Shark HZ602 Ultralight Pet Pro Corded Stick Vacuum

Let’s delve into the Shark HZ602 Ultralight Pet Pro Corded Stick Vacuum – an ultralight cleaner designed with pet owners in mind. In order to offer a detailed examination, we’ll look into both its strong points and potential drawbacks.


PowerFins Technology: This device is equipped with PowerFins, offering continuous cleaning contact to dig deep into carpets and directly engage floors.
Self-Cleaning Brushroll: A significant advantage of this model is its self-cleaning brushroll which removes hair wrap as you clean, addressing a common issue among pet owners.
Convertibility: Its ability to convert into a hand vacuum adds to its versatility and convenience, particularly for quick clean-ups.
Specialized Pet Tools: This vacuum cleaner comes with a Pet Power Brush, Crevice, and Upholstery Tools, catering to the specific needs of pet owners.
Color: Its Comet Red color gives it a sleek and modern appearance, adding an aesthetic touch to its functionality.


Corded: Being corded may limit mobility and reach compared to cordless alternatives, especially in larger homes.
Weight: Despite being termed ‘ultralight’, some users might still find it slightly heavy, affecting its maneuverability.
Pet Power Brush: While the Pet Power Brush is a plus, it could be improved upon in terms of effectiveness against heavy shedding.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Is the Shark HZ602 Ultralight Pet Pro easy to assemble?
Yes, most users find the assembly process straightforward with the instructions provided.

Can this vacuum cleaner handle large amounts of pet hair?
Thanks to its self-cleaning brushroll and Pet Power Brush, it is designed to handle pet hair, although heavy shedding might pose a challenge.

Does the Shark HZ602 Ultralight Pet Pro work well on hardwood floors?
Absolutely, its PowerFins technology ensures direct engagement with various floor types, including hardwood.

What is the length of the cord?
The cord length is typically mentioned in the product specifications. Please refer to them for accurate details.

Does the vacuum easily convert to a handheld?
Yes, the conversion to a handheld vacuum is designed to be quick and convenient.

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