Baseus 15000PA Handheld Vacuum: LED Lights, 136W Rechargeable Cordless Vacuum (Black)

1. **Powerful Suction:** With 15000PA, this vacuum cleaner offers robust suction, making cleaning tasks quicker and more efficient.
2. **LED Lights:** The incorporated LED lights aid in cleaning dark or hidden spots like under car seats or furniture.
3. **Cordless Design:** The absence of cords adds convenience and ease of use, allowing for greater mobility.
4. **USB C Port:** The USB C port enables easy charging and connectivity, aligning with most modern devices.
5. **Versatile Use:** Suitable for various applications like car cleaning, pet crumb removal, and laptop dusting.


Battery Life: Users might find the battery life limiting for extensive cleaning tasks.
Weight: At 136W, it might be considered heavy for some users, causing discomfort during prolonged use.
Noise Level: The vacuum cleaner might be louder than expected, potentially being a concern for noise-sensitive users.


Is it suitable for pet hair removal? Yes, it can efficiently remove pet hair.
Can it clean liquids? No, this vacuum cleaner is designed for dry use only.
What’s included in the package? The vacuum, USB C charging cable, and various attachments suitable for different cleaning tasks.
Is it easy to clean and maintain? Yes, with detachable parts, cleaning and maintenance are straightforward.

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