BISSELL BigGreen Commercial BGCOMP9H Vacuum Review

1. **Large Bag Capacity**: With a 7.3L bag, the vacuum can hold a significant amount of debris before needing replacement.
2. **Commercial Grade**: Designed to withstand heavy usage, making it suitable for business environments.
3. **Canister Design**: Provides mobility and ease of use around tight corners and spaces.
4. **Effective on Multiple Surfaces**: Versatile enough to clean both hard floors and carpets.
5. **Robust Build**: Durability ensures a longer lifespan compared to some household vacuums.


Bulkier than Upright Models: Can be cumbersome to store or transport.
Price Point: Being commercial-grade, it may come with a higher price tag compared to non-commercial models.
Noise Level: As with many commercial models, it might be louder than residential vacuums.
Bag Replacement: Being bagged, there’s an ongoing cost of bag replacement.
Limited Design Aesthetics: The green color may not appeal to everyone and lacks modern design elements.


Is the BISSELL BigGreen suitable for home use?

While primarily designed for commercial use, its effectiveness makes it a viable option for large homes or households with pets.

How often should the bag be replaced?

This depends on usage. With a 7.3L capacity, less frequent changes are needed compared to smaller models. It’s recommended to check the bag once it feels full or the suction diminishes.

Can it handle pet hair efficiently?

Yes, its robust design and motor power are equipped to manage pet hair.

Is there a warranty on the product?

Warranty specifics would need to be checked with the seller or BISSELL directly, but commercial-grade products often come with extended warranties.

Are replacement parts readily available?

Being a product from BISSELL, a reputable brand, replacement parts like bags or filters are typically easy to find.

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