BLACK+DECKER Pivot Vac 12V DC Car Vacuum Review

1. **Compact and Lightweight**: Easily portable for car cleaning.
2. **Pivoting Nozzle**: Accesses hard-to-reach areas inside the vehicle.
3. **Strong Suction Power**: Efficiently picks up dirt, debris, and minor spills.
4. **Washable Filter**: Environmentally-friendly and reduces long-term costs.
5. **Integrated Crevice Tool**: Enhances cleaning efficiency for tight spaces.


Limited to 12V DC Power: Can’t use outside of the car without an adapter.
Battery Life: Some users might find the battery life shorter than desired.
Dust Bin Size: Requires frequent emptying for larger cleaning tasks.
Noise Level: Might be louder than some other handheld vacuums.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can it pick up pet hair? – Yes, it can pick up pet hair, but for heavy shedding, a specialized pet hair tool might be more effective.
How long does the battery last on a full charge? – Typically, it provides enough power for short car-cleaning sessions. Exact duration can vary.
Is the filter replaceable? – Yes, the filter is replaceable and washable.
Can this vacuum pick up wet spills? – It’s designed primarily for dry debris. Wet spills can damage the unit or reduce performance.
Does it come with a wall charger? – It’s designed for car use, so it primarily comes with a car charger. Wall chargers might be available separately.

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