Comprehensive Evaluation of BISSELL® Featherweight™ PowerBrush Vacuum 2773A Gray

Examining the BISSELL® Featherweight™ PowerBrush Vacuum 2773A Gray, it’s clear it brings several advantageous features to the table, although a few potential downsides exist as well.


Compact and Lightweight: This model impresses with its lightweight design, facilitating easy transportation and storage.
Powerful Suction: Despite its size, it has impressive suction power, capable of picking up even the most stubborn dirt particles.
PowerBrush Feature: The PowerBrush function is highly efficient in removing embedded dirt and hair from various surfaces.
Easy-to-Empty Dust Cup: Its dust cup can be easily emptied, reducing the mess typically associated with this process.


Cord Length: The power cord might not be long enough for cleaning larger rooms without changing outlets.
Noise Levels: Some users might find the operational noise level a bit high.
Lack of HEPA Filter: It lacks a HEPA filter, which could be a problem for allergy sufferers who need a vacuum that can capture finer dust particles.

Addressing Frequently Asked Questions:

Does this vacuum cleaner come with additional attachments? This model includes a crevice tool for those hard-to-reach corners.
Can it clean pet hair efficiently? Yes, the PowerBrush feature is designed to deal effectively with pet hair.
Is the dust cup washable? Yes, the dust cup is designed to be easily removed and washed.
Does it work on all types of floors? It works efficiently on multiple surfaces, but may struggle slightly on high-pile carpets.

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