Comprehensive Review: BISSELL 2254 CleanView Pet Upright Bagless Vacuum

When analyzing the BISSELL 2254 CleanView Swivel Rewind Pet Upright Bagless Vacuum, it’s crucial to examine both the positive and negative aspects to provide a holistic perspective.


Automatic Cord Rewind: This feature adds to the ease of use and convenience, eliminating the often cumbersome task of manually winding the cord.

Swivel Steering: Enhances maneuverability, allowing for efficient vacuuming in tricky corners and around furniture.

Powerful Pet Hair Pickup: Performs exceptionally well in collecting pet hair from various surfaces, making it ideal for pet owners.

Specialized Pet Tools: These tools are designed specifically to handle pet-related messes, which can be quite challenging to clean with standard vacuum cleaner attachments.

Large Capacity Dirt Tank: The sizeable dirt tank reduces the frequency of emptying, which can be a significant time-saver during extensive cleaning tasks.


Size and Weight: Its size and weight can be a drawback for some users, especially those who need to carry the vacuum up and down stairs frequently.

Noise Level: Some users have reported that this model is louder than average, which can be a concern in households where noise is an issue.

Challenging Assembly: Some customers have noted that the assembly process can be somewhat complicated.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does the BISSELL 2254 effectively clean on different surfaces?
The vacuum is designed to be versatile and can handle various surfaces, from hardwood to carpet.

Is the dirt tank easy to clean?
Yes, the dirt tank is designed to be easily detachable, allowing for convenient cleaning.

What are the specialized pet tools included?
The vacuum includes tools such as a Pet TurboEraser Tool and a Pet Hair Corner Tool, both designed to handle pet-related messes effectively.

Does the vacuum filter need to be replaced often?
The frequency of filter replacements depends on usage. However, the vacuum comes with a washable filter which can be cleaned and reused, extending its life.

Is the vacuum cord long enough for larger rooms?
With a 27-foot power cord, the vacuum provides adequate reach for larger rooms. The automatic cord rewind feature also aids in easy storage.

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