Comprehensive Review: BuTure Cordless Vacuum Cleaner 400W 33Kpa Stick

Taking a closer look at the BuTure Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, a 400W 33Kpa Stick model, there are several key elements to consider, each with its specific pros and cons.


Powerful Suction: With a 400W power capacity and 33Kpa suction, it offers high performance, effectively cleaning different surfaces, from carpets to hard floors.
Cordless Design: The absence of cords enhances its convenience and maneuverability around the house.
Touch Screen: This advanced feature facilitates easy operation and control over the device.
Detachable Battery: Promotes prolonged lifespan and allows for replacement instead of purchasing a new vacuum.
Long Runtime: Capable of running for up to 55 minutes, suitable for most cleaning tasks in a household setting.
Pet Hair Removal: Specifically designed to handle pet hair, an advantage for pet owners.


The high power capacity could imply higher energy consumption.
Despite the vacuum being cordless, it still requires charging, which could be inconvenient if the battery dies mid-clean.
Its high-tech touch screen might have a steeper learning curve for non-tech-savvy users.
The replacement of detachable batteries might be an extra expense for the user.

Common FAQs:

Q: How long does the battery last on a single charge?
A: The vacuum cleaner can run up to 55 minutes on a single charge, depending on usage.

Q: Is this vacuum suitable for pet hair?
A: Yes, this model is effective for pet hair removal.

Q: Is the battery replaceable?
A: Yes, this model features a detachable battery that can be replaced.

Q: Can it clean both carpet and hard floors?
A: Yes, the vacuum is designed to efficiently clean both carpet and hard floor surfaces.

This comprehensive review sheds light on the BuTure Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, a 400W 33Kpa Stick model, providing details about its pros, cons, and commonly asked questions.

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