Comprehensive Review: Cordless 250W Stick Vacuum Cleaner with Extensive Accessories

We’ve been delving into the intricacies of the Cordless Vacuum Cleaner 250W, a versatile stick vacuum cleaner equipped with a 25Kpa motor and an 8-cell large battery. We’ve focused on its various features, from its hefty runtime to its capability for handling multiple surfaces.


High Suction Power: With a 250W motor and a suction power of 25Kpa, this vacuum cleaner performs exceptionally well. It can handle a variety of dirt, from fine dust to larger debris.

Versatile Performance: The vacuum cleaner has been tested on a variety of surfaces – hard floors, carpets, and even pet hair. It showed consistent performance across all.

Extended Runtime: Equipped with an 8-cell large battery, the vacuum cleaner boasts a runtime of 40 minutes. This should suffice for most medium to large homes without requiring a recharge.

Impressive Accessories: The 10 in 1 handheld vacuum cleaner package includes multiple accessories, which adds to its versatility and convenience.

Sizeable Dust Cup: The 1.3L dust cup can accumulate a fair amount of dust and debris before it needs emptying, contributing to the vacuum’s efficiency.


Weight: Some users might find the vacuum cleaner a tad heavy for prolonged use.

Noise Level: With high suction power, the vacuum cleaner can get fairly loud, which could be a deterrent for those sensitive to noise.


Is the vacuum cleaner suitable for pet hair? Yes, it is designed to handle pet hair effectively.

Does the vacuum require frequent filter changes? The vacuum cleaner comes with 4 filters, and the frequency of changing depends on the usage and the amount of dust collected.

Can it be used as a handheld vacuum? Yes, it can be transformed into a handheld vacuum cleaner for targeted cleaning.

In the midst of testing this cordless vacuum cleaner, it stood out primarily for its suction power, versatility, and large dust cup. However, its weight and noise level can be considered downsides.

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