Comprehensive Review: G8000 Robot Vacuum and Mop for Hard Floors, 2700Pa Suction

In the realm of robotic cleaning solutions, the G8000 Robot Vacuum and Mop exhibits an impressive blend of features. This black-finished robot vacuum cleaner offers a powerful suction of 2700Pa, an automatic self-charging mechanism, and an efficient performance on hard floors.


Powerful Suction: With a suction power of 2700Pa, the G8000 Robot Vacuum and Mop showcases an outstanding ability to pick up dust, debris, and pet hair, leading to a deeper clean.

Self-Charging: Its automatic self-charging feature is another pro. Whenever the battery runs low, the robot vacuum retreats to its charging station to power up, eliminating the need for manual charging intervention.

Performance on Hard Floors: The G8000 excels on hard floors. It effortlessly removes dirt and grime, making it a suitable choice for homes primarily with hard flooring.


Limited Mopping Function: While the G8000 has a mopping function, its performance is not as impressive as its vacuuming capability. It can handle light spills but may struggle with more stubborn, dried stains.

Noisy Operation: Despite its many impressive features, the G8000 can be quite noisy during operation, which may be disturbing for some users, particularly during quiet hours.

Navigation Challenges: The robot vacuum may encounter difficulty in navigating around cluttered spaces or complex layouts, requiring some pre-cleaning organization for optimal performance.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does the G8000 Robot Vacuum and Mop automatically return to its charging station?
Yes, it does. Once the battery level runs low, the G8000 robot vacuum automatically heads back to its charging station.

How effective is the G8000 on carpets?
While the G8000 performs excellently on hard floors, its performance on carpets may not be as remarkable, particularly with deeply embedded dirt.

Can I schedule cleaning sessions with the G8000?
Yes, the G8000 Robot Vacuum and Mop allows you to schedule cleaning sessions according to your convenience.

With a set of impressive features, and a few areas for improvement, the G8000 Robot Vacuum and Mop makes for an interesting addition to any smart home.

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