Comprehensive Review: ILIFE V5s Plus Smart Vacuum & Mop Combo

Product Reviewed: Advanced Robot Cleaner – ILIFE V5s Plus Smart Vacuum & Mop Combo


Dual Functionality: The ILIFE V5s Plus is a vacuum and mop combo, catering to a wider variety of cleaning needs. This multifunctionality makes it convenient and efficient for different floor types including hardwood, carpet, and tiles.

Wi-Fi, Alexa, and APP Connectivity: The device features seamless connectivity options that let you control it via Wi-Fi, Alexa, or the dedicated mobile app. This provides flexibility in controlling the robot according to your convenience.

Self-Charging: The vacuum robot can charge itself when the battery is low. This automated feature eliminates the need for manual intervention, thus enhancing the user experience.

Pet Hair Removal: This robot vacuum cleaner performs well on surfaces with pet hair, which is a huge plus for pet owners.


Not Ideal for Thick Carpets: While the device handles hardwood floors and thin carpets well, it struggles a bit with thick carpets.

Limited Water Tank: The water tank for the mopping function could be larger. You may need to refill it during extensive cleaning sessions.

Navigation Challenges: The device sometimes has trouble navigating around complex floor layouts or avoiding certain obstacles.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can the ILIFE V5s Plus Smart Vacuum and Mop Combo handle large debris?
Yes, this robot cleaner can handle larger debris to a certain extent. However, it’s more efficient at handling dust, dirt, and pet hair.

Does the device come with a virtual wall function?
The ILIFE V5s Plus doesn’t come with a virtual wall function. It might be a challenge to limit its movement in certain areas.

How often should I clean the dustbin?
The frequency of cleaning the dustbin depends on how often the robot is used. Generally, it’s advisable to clean the dustbin after every use for optimum performance.

Can it clean multiple rooms in one cycle?
Yes, the ILIFE V5s Plus can clean multiple rooms in a single cycle, depending on the size of the rooms and the battery life.

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