Cordless 30Kpa Vacuum Cleaner Review: 6-in-1 Lightweight Stick Vac

1. **Powerful Suction**: With 30Kpa and a 380W motor, the vacuum offers robust cleaning capabilities.
2. **Cordless Design**: Enables hassle-free maneuverability without getting tangled in wires.
3. **6-in-1 Functionality**: Can be transformed into different configurations for versatile cleaning tasks.
4. **Lightweight**: Reduces user fatigue, making extended cleaning sessions more comfortable.
5. **180° Foldable Tube**: Offers flexibility, reaching under furniture and other challenging areas.
6. **Suitable for Various Surfaces**: Works efficiently on hardwood floors, carpets, stairs, and pet hair.


Battery Life: Cordless vacuums, depending on usage, may require frequent charging.
Bin Size: The dirt container might need frequent emptying depending on the usage.
Price: High-end features might make it more expensive than other simpler models.


Is the battery replaceable?
How long does it take to fully charge?
Is there a wall mount included for storage?
How effective is it on pet hair?
What’s the filter maintenance like?

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