Cordless Lightweight Vacuum: Detachable Battery, Max 45-Min Runtime

1. **Cordless Design**: Provides ease of movement without the hassle of cords.
2. **Lightweight**: Ensures reduced strain on the user and easy maneuverability.
3. **Lighting Feature**: Useful for spotting dirt in dimly lit areas.
4. **Detachable Battery**: Offers the possibility to interchange batteries for prolonged use.
5. **Versatile Use**: Efficient for hard floors, carpets, and pet hair.
6. **Max 45-Min Runtime**: Sufficient duration for most cleaning sessions.


Battery Limitations: Requires recharging after a maximum of 45 minutes.
Possible Inefficiency: Might not be as powerful as corded versions for deep cleaning.
Maintenance: Detachable battery might require eventual replacement or upkeep.
Storage: Being stick-shaped, it may need special storage solutions.


Is the battery replaceable? Yes, it comes with a detachable battery.
Can it handle dense carpet cleaning? It’s designed for both hard floors and carpets, including pet hair.
How long does the battery take to charge? Specific charging time can vary, but typically, similar models take 3-5 hours.
Is there a warranty? Further details are required from the manufacturer.
Can the lighting be turned off? Typically, such features are controllable, but one must refer to the user manual.

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