Cordless Vacuum: 23Kpa Suction & 80000 RPM Brushless Motor Review

Pros of Cordless Vacuum with 23Kpa Suction & 80000 RPM Motor:

Powerful Suction: With a 23Kpa super suction capability, this vacuum is equipped to pick up fine dust and larger debris effortlessly.
High-Speed Brushless Motor: The 80000 RPM motor ensures consistent performance and increases the vacuum’s lifespan.
Cordless Design: Without a cord, maneuverability is enhanced, allowing for easy access to hard-to-reach areas.
Extended Runtime: The vacuum can run up to 35 minutes, making it suitable for longer cleaning sessions.
Versatile: Suitable for various surfaces, including hardwood floors and carpets.
Lightweight: The handheld design is not cumbersome, making it easier to carry and use.

Cons of Cordless Vacuum with 23Kpa Suction & 80000 RPM Motor:

Limited Runtime for Larger Homes: While 35 minutes is sufficient for smaller homes or quick cleans, it might be inadequate for extensive cleaning sessions in larger homes.
Dependency on Battery: If the battery fails or deteriorates over time, the vacuum’s performance could be impacted.
No Mention of Attachments: There’s no information on whether it comes with various attachments for specialized cleaning.


Is the battery replaceable?
How long does it take to fully charge the vacuum?
Does it come with a wall-mounting bracket for storage?
Is the filter washable or replaceable?
How loud is the vacuum during operation?

Note: Seek manufacturer’s responses to these FAQs for accurate information.

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