Cordless Vacuum Cleaner 25KPA Review: Features & Feedback

1. **25KPA Suction Power:** Offers robust suction, ensuring efficient cleaning.
2. **Lightweight Design:** Enhances user convenience for both quick clean-ups and extended cleaning sessions.
3. **35 Mins Detachable Battery:** Provides a decent runtime for uninterrupted cleaning tasks.
4. **6-in-1 Functionality:** Versatile tool attachments cater to a wide range of cleaning needs.
5. **4 HEPA Filters:** Ensures fine dust and allergens are trapped, promoting better air quality.
6. **1.3L Dust Cup Capacity:** Ample size reduces the need for frequent emptying.


Limited to Hard Floors and Pet Hair: Might not be ideal for all types of surfaces.
Battery Life: While 35 minutes can be sufficient for small homes, larger spaces may require a recharge in between.
No Mention of Charging Time: Potential users might be unsure of how long it takes to get the vacuum ready for another round.


Is the battery replaceable?
How effective is the vacuum on carpets compared to hard floors?
Are the attachments easy to interchange?
What’s the maintenance like for the HEPA filters?
How loud is the vacuum during operation?

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