Cordless Vacuum Cleaner: 30KPA Suction with Foldable Tube & LED Display

1. **30KPA Powerful Suction**: Ensures efficient and quick cleaning, especially on stubborn dirt and debris.
2. **Cordless Design**: Provides the flexibility to move around without being restricted by a cord.
3. **Foldable Tube**: Enhances storage convenience and offers portability.
4. **Large LED Display**: Allows users to easily monitor battery life and performance.
5. **Handheld Option**: Suitable for smaller spaces or targeted cleaning like upholstery or vehicle interiors.
6. **Versatile Cleaning**: Effective on multiple surfaces such as floor, carpet, and pet hair.
7. **Detachable Battery**: Provides an option to replace or charge the battery separately.


Battery Life: Depending on the usage and mode, battery life may not last long enough for extended cleaning sessions.
Weight: Might be heavier than other models in the same category.
Maintenance: Detachable parts may require periodic checks and clean-ups.
Noise Level: Might be a tad louder compared to less powerful models.


How long does the battery last on a single charge?
Is the vacuum cleaner suitable for both hardwood and carpet?
What’s the weight of the vacuum cleaner?
How frequently do the filters need replacement?
Is there a warranty or guarantee on the product?

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