Dyson Ball MultiFloor Upright Vacuum Review: Key Features


High Performance HEPA Filter: Efficiently captures microscopic particles, ensuring cleaner air exhaust.
Bagless Design: Eliminates the need for replacement bags, reducing maintenance costs.
Strongest Suction: Capable of lifting fine dust and large debris from various surfaces.
Height Adjustment: Adapts to different floor types for optimal cleaning.
Telescopic Handle: Allows for easier reach in various areas and convenient storage.
Self-Propelled Rotating Brushes: Provides deeper carpet cleaning and easily tackles pet hair.


Fuchsia Color: May not appeal to all users; a subjective downside.
Price: Typically on the higher end compared to other brands.
Weight: Slightly heavier than some competitors, potentially impacting maneuverability.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How often do I need to clean the HEPA filter? Most users find that cleaning every 3-6 months suffices, but it’s best to check the filter regularly and clean as needed.
Is it suitable for pet owners? The self-propelled rotating brushes are designed to tackle pet hair, making it a viable option for households with pets.
Can it be used on both carpets and hard floors? Yes, the height adjustment feature allows it to work effectively on both surfaces.
How does the bagless feature impact maintenance? It eliminates the need for replacement bags, but the dust bin should be emptied regularly for best performance.

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