Evaluating Shark AV911S EZ Robot Vacuum: Comprehensive Review for Pet Owners

Product: Advanced Robot Vacuum Cleaner from Shark – The AV911S EZ, Gray

An in-depth look into the Shark AV911S EZ Robot Vacuum reveals several noteworthy features and a few areas of improvement. This robotic cleaner’s advanced functionality promises an efficient, hands-free cleaning experience for homeowners, especially pet owners.


Self-Emptying Base: The vacuum returns to the dock to automatically empty its contents into the base, minimizing human intervention.
Bagless Design: The absence of bags simplifies the disposal process, reducing ongoing maintenance costs.
Row-by-Row Cleaning: This feature ensures systematic and thorough cleaning of the house, as the vacuum doesn’t miss any spots.
Effective on Pet Hair: Its suction capability and brush design make it highly effective at picking up pet hair.
Alexa Compatibility: The vacuum can be controlled via Amazon’s Alexa for easy and convenient operation.
Wi-Fi Connection: The built-in Wi-Fi connectivity allows for remote control via a smartphone app.


Limited Color Option: As of now, the vacuum is only available in Gray, which may not appeal to everyone.
Connection Stability: Some users may experience issues with maintaining a consistent Wi-Fi connection.
Noise Levels: Although within tolerable limits, the noise generated during operation could be reduced further.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Can the Shark AV911S EZ Robot Vacuum be used on different types of flooring?
Yes, the Shark AV911S EZ Robot Vacuum can adapt to various floor types including hardwood, carpet, and tile.

How often does the vacuum’s base need to be emptied?
The frequency of emptying the base depends on how much debris the vacuum picks up, but generally, it needs to be emptied every 30 days.

Can I schedule cleanings with this model?
Yes, using the smartphone app, you can schedule cleaning times and specific areas for the vacuum to clean.

Does it have a ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode to avoid cleaning at certain times?
Yes, you can use the app or Alexa to set ‘Do Not Disturb’ periods.

By focusing on the pros and cons and addressing FAQs, this review should assist potential buyers in making an informed decision about the Shark AV911S EZ Robot Vacuum.

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