Evaluating the Kenmore DU2015 Bagless Upright Vacuum: Performance on Pet Hair and Hardwood Floors

Product Tested: Kenmore DU2015 Bagless Upright Vacuum – A Lightweight Carpet Cleaner with 10’ Hose, HEPA Filter, and 4 Cleaning Tools.


Highly efficient HEPA Filter: This vacuum employs a HEPA filter, known to capture about 99.97% of dust, allergens, and pet dander. A boon for individuals with allergies or sensitivity to dust.

Bagless Design: The bagless system implies less maintenance costs, no bag replacements, and ease of debris disposal.

Four Additional Cleaning Tools: With four attachments included, it provides versatility for tackling different surfaces and cleaning needs.

Lightweight Structure: Maneuverability gets a boost with the vacuum’s lightweight design. Easy to carry and navigate around home.

Powerful on Pet Hair and Hardwood Floors: If your home is plagued by pet hair or if you have mostly hardwood floors, this vacuum is highly effective.


Limited Hose Length: The 10-foot hose may not reach high ceilings or deep corners in larger rooms, requiring additional tools or effort.

Bright Red Color: Some might find the bright red color to be too conspicuous, preferring a more subdued or neutral color for their appliances.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q: Can the HEPA filter be washed and reused?

A: Typically, HEPA filters are not washable. It’s recommended to replace them periodically for optimal performance.

Q: Is this vacuum efficient for large carpet areas?

A: The Kenmore DU2015 Bagless Upright Vacuum is indeed effective for carpet cleaning, but its performance might vary with the thickness and type of carpet.

Q: Can the 10’ hose reach underneath furniture?

A: Depending on the clearance of your furniture, the hose might or might not be able to reach underneath it.

Q: Is this vacuum too loud?

A: Noise levels can be subjective. While some users might find it acceptable, others might consider it to be loud.

This feedback presents an unbiased evaluation of the Kenmore DU2015 Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner. The pros and cons enlisted should guide potential customers in making informed decisions.

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