Evaluation: Kenmore 81714 Ultra Plush Lightweight Canister Vacuum 700 Series Gold

In examining the Kenmore 81714 Bundle Ultra Plush Lightweight Bagged Canister Vacuum with Pet PowerMate, the following pros and cons have been identified:


Lightweight Design: This model’s ultra-plush, lightweight build contributes significantly to its user-friendliness. It makes maneuvering around furniture and corners in the home effortless.

Bagged Canister: The bagged design simplifies the disposal process. Users do not have to worry about coming into direct contact with collected dust and allergens, a notable feature for those with allergies.

Pet PowerMate: This attachment effectively tackles pet hair, making it a beneficial addition for homes with furry companions.

Extended Telescoping Wand: The extended telescoping wand gives you the reach you need for those tricky areas like high ceilings or under furniture.

Retractable Cord: The retractable cord feature eliminates the hassle of manual cord wrapping, thereby providing added convenience.

3 Cleaning Tools: This model comes equipped with three cleaning tools, enhancing its versatility to deal with different cleaning situations.


Not Cordless: Some users might find the cord restricting, especially when compared to cordless models that offer more freedom of movement.

Noise Level: The vacuum can be relatively loud during operation, which could be disruptive in certain environments.

Size of Cleaning Tools: The cleaning tools, while versatile, are somewhat small. This might make large-scale cleaning tasks more time-consuming.

FAQs people often ask:

“Is the Kenmore 81714 Bundle Ultra Plush Lightweight Bagged Canister Vacuum suitable for hardwood floors?” – Yes, this model is safe for use on various surfaces, including hardwood floors.

“Does the Pet PowerMate attachment work on all types of pet hair?” – Yes, the Pet PowerMate attachment is designed to effectively handle different types of pet hair.

“Can I purchase additional bags for this model?” – Yes, additional bags are available for purchase separately.

“How long is the retractable cord?” – The cord length is approximately 24 feet, providing ample range for most cleaning situations.

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