Evaluation of BISSELL CrossWave Floor & Area Rug Wet-Dry Cleaner with Extra Accessories

Product Assessed: BISSELL CrossWave Floor & Area Rug Cleaner Wet-Dry Vacuum, Extra Brush-Roll and Filter, 1785A – Green


Multifunctionality: This BISSELL CrossWave model excels in its dual purpose of vacuuming and washing. It can manage diverse surfaces, including area rugs and hard floors, amplifying its versatility.

Bonus Accessories: Extra brush-roll and filter are included, which significantly prolongs the need for replacement parts.

Two-Tank Technology: This model includes two-tank technology, allowing for separate storage of clean and dirty water, which ensures that you are always using fresh water to clean.

Easy to Use: The BISSELL CrossWave has simple controls that make it user-friendly, even for those not technologically savvy.


Size and Weight: It is slightly heavier than many other vacuum cleaners on the market, which could make maneuverability a challenge for some users.

Noise Level: Some users have noted that the machine can be quite loud, which might be inconvenient for households with small children or pets.

Clean-Up: Post-cleaning maintenance of the machine can be tedious, with multiple components needing to be washed separately.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Can the BISSELL CrossWave clean large particles or debris?

While the BISSELL CrossWave is efficient at picking up smaller particles, it might struggle with larger debris. Pre-sweeping the area may be necessary for optimal results.

Is the BISSELL CrossWave suitable for all types of rugs?

This model is designed to clean area rugs. However, delicate materials or high-pile rugs may not be suitable for this machine. Always check your rug manufacturer’s care instructions before using.

Does the BISSELL CrossWave use special cleaning solution?

Yes, it is recommended to use the BISSELL cleaning solution for optimal results, but it can also function with other non-foaming, water-based solutions.

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