Evaluation of Kenmore DU4080 Featherlite Lift-Up Bagless Upright Vacuum: Pros, Cons & FAQs

We have extensively tested the Kenmore DU4080 Featherlite Lift-Up Bagless Upright Vacuum, a 2-motor power suction lightweight carpet cleaner with a HEPA filter and two cleaning tools. This product, targeted at pet hair and hard floor cleaning, comes in an attractive orange hue. Here’s our unbiased assessment, presenting the pros and cons of this product.


Powerful 2-Motor Suction: The dual motor provides powerful suction, which allows it to clean both surface debris and deep-set dirt efficiently.

Lightweight Design: As the name Featherlite suggests, this vacuum is easy to handle and maneuver due to its lightweight design.

Lift-Up Functionality: The Lift-Up feature facilitates easy cleaning of high or difficult to reach areas.

HEPA Filter: The inclusion of a HEPA filter ensures that the air quality is maintained during vacuum operation, trapping small particles that other vacuums might expel into the air.

Pet Hair Cleaning Tools: With two dedicated tools for pet hair cleaning, this vacuum proves to be a great choice for pet owners.


Bagless Design: While the bagless design reduces the need for buying replacement bags, it can be messy to empty, especially for those with allergies.

Limited On-Board Storage: There is limited space to store the included cleaning tools on the vacuum itself.


Does the Kenmore DU4080 come with any accessories?
Yes, the Kenmore DU4080 comes with two pet hair cleaning tools.

Can this vacuum cleaner handle large debris?
While it excels at picking up pet hair and fine particles, its performance with larger debris will depend on the size and type of the debris.

Is the HEPA filter on the Kenmore DU4080 washable?
No, the HEPA filter is not washable. It will need to be replaced periodically depending on usage.

Does the vacuum handle transitions between different floor types well?
Yes, it is designed to handle transitions between different floor types, making it a versatile choice for homes with varied flooring.

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