Evaluation of ORFELD 28000Pa Cordless Stick Vacuum: An In-Depth Review

Examining the ORFELD 28000Pa Cordless Stick Vacuum, its features present an intriguing mix of positives and negatives. This analysis is aimed at those seeking a robust, cordless vacuum solution for varied surfaces such as carpets, hardwood floors, and areas with pet hair.


High Suction Power: The ORFELD cordless stick vacuum is equipped with an impressive 28000Pa suction power, rendering it an effective device for deep cleaning. It excels in removing stubborn dirt, debris, and pet hair from different types of surfaces.

Cordless Design: The absence of cords facilitates ease of use and maneuverability. You can clean different areas of your home without worrying about power outlet locations.

Lightweight: Weighing in on the lighter side, this vacuum cleaner is easy to handle and navigate around furniture and corners, making the cleaning process less strenuous.

Long Runtime: The ORFELD vacuum cleaner provides a lengthy 50-minute runtime, which allows for extended cleaning sessions without the need for frequent recharges.

Self-Standing Design: Its ability to stand on its own ensures convenient storage and immediate readiness for use.

Quiet Operation: The vacuum cleaner operates relatively silently, which reduces noise disturbance while cleaning.


Battery Life Concerns: Although the vacuum offers a 50-minute runtime, these figures often depend on usage patterns and the mode of operation. High-suction mode might significantly decrease this duration.

Cleaning Large Debris: Despite having robust suction power, the vacuum might face difficulties in picking up larger debris due to its slim design.

No Additional Attachments: The product does not come with extra attachments that could enhance the cleaning process, particularly for specific areas like crevices or upholstery.

People often ask the following questions about this product:

1. Is the ORFELD 28000Pa Cordless Stick Vacuum suitable for carpets and hardwood floors?

Yes, this vacuum cleaner is designed to efficiently clean a variety of surfaces including carpets and hardwood floors.

2. How long does the vacuum’s battery last?

The vacuum provides a runtime of approximately 50 minutes. However, using it on high-suction mode may reduce this duration.

3. Is the vacuum cleaner quiet during operation?

Yes, the ORFELD cordless stick vacuum is engineered to operate with minimal noise, making it suitable for use at any time.

4. Does it have a self-standing design?

Yes, this vacuum cleaner can stand on its own, contributing to easy storage and convenience.

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