Evaluation of Shark IZ631H Cordless Pro Vacuum: Comprehensive Pros and Cons

The Shark IZ631H Cordless Pro Vacuum is evaluated here, with a particular focus on the features that stand out the most.


PowerFins and Self-Cleaning Brushroll: The PowerFins technology provides constant contact with surfaces, leading to thorough cleaning. The self-cleaning brushroll is another added advantage, saving you from the task of manually removing tangled hair.

Inclusion of Upholstery Tool and Crevice Tool: These accessories add versatility to the vacuum, enabling detailed cleaning in tight spaces and on soft surfaces.

Extended Runtime: With up to 60 minutes of cordless operation, it offers ample time to clean larger spaces without the need to recharge.

HEPA Filtration: The vacuum utilizes a HEPA filter, which is beneficial for individuals with allergies as it traps and removes 99.97% of dust and allergens.

Cordless Design: The absence of a cord allows for seamless movement around the house, without having to worry about power outlets.


Weight: Some users may find the Shark IZ631H Cordless Pro Vacuum on the heavier side, affecting maneuverability, particularly in larger homes.

Battery Life Variance: While it offers up to 60 minutes of runtime, it can vary significantly based on the mode of operation and the type of surface being cleaned.

Charging Time: The battery charging time could be a concern for those needing to use the vacuum frequently.

Cost: The Shark IZ631H Cordless Pro Vacuum is a higher-end model and its price might not fit all budgets.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Does the Shark IZ631H have a docking station for storage and charging?
Can the battery be replaced if it wears out?
How often do I need to replace the HEPA filter?
Can I use this vacuum on all types of flooring?
What is the capacity of the dust cup?

Remember, while this vacuum boasts a variety of features, it’s essential to consider the product’s applicability to your individual needs before making a purchase.

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