Examining ORFELD’s Cordless Vacuum Cleaner: High Power, 6-in-1 Design, and More

The ORFELD Cordless Vacuum Cleaner is a versatile device that comes with an impressive array of features and functions.


Powerful Suction: With a 28000Pa suction, this vacuum cleaner is capable of picking up the smallest of dust particles. This strong suction power makes it efficient for deep-cleaning tasks on different surfaces.

Long Battery Life: With up to 50 minutes of runtime, this vacuum cleaner can cover a substantial area on a single charge, eliminating the need for frequent recharging.

6-in-1 Design: The stand-up design and multi-functionality of the ORFELD vacuum cleaner add to its convenience. It can be used for various cleaning tasks, from floor and carpet cleaning to pet hair removal.

LED Display: The LED display on this vacuum cleaner provides an easy way to monitor the battery life and cleaning mode, enhancing its user-friendly nature.

Quiet Operation: Despite its high-power suction, the vacuum operates quietly, making it suitable for households with children or pets.


Weight: Some users might find the vacuum cleaner slightly heavy, making it somewhat inconvenient for extended cleaning sessions.

Stand-Up Design: While the stand-up design enhances its versatility, it might also make the vacuum cleaner unstable during operation if not properly handled.

Non-Removable Battery: The battery cannot be removed, which might limit the convenience for some users who prefer to have a spare battery on hand.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is the ORFELD vacuum cleaner suitable for pet hair cleaning?
Yes, the powerful suction capability of the vacuum cleaner makes it suitable for cleaning pet hair.

Can the battery be replaced?
The battery of this vacuum cleaner cannot be removed or replaced. However, it provides a long runtime of up to 50 minutes.

Is the vacuum cleaner noisy?
No, despite its powerful suction, the vacuum cleaner operates quietly, making it suitable for any household.

What does the 6-in-1 design entail?
The 6-in-1 design refers to the various functions of the vacuum cleaner, which include floor cleaning, carpet cleaning, crevice cleaning, and pet hair removal among others.

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