Exhaustive Assessment: 330W Cordless Vacuum, 28Kpa Suction, 6 in 1, 48Mins Runtime

Diving into the specifics of this portable cordless vacuum cleaner, we find a mix of noteworthy features and few areas of concern.


Powerful Suction: With 28Kpa, this vacuum boasts remarkable suction power, ensuring efficient cleaning.

Flexible Design: The 45° bendable rod provides maneuverability, reaching challenging spots with ease.

Versatile Functionality: Offering a 6 in 1 design, the vacuum adapts to different cleaning requirements, from hardwood floors to carpets and pet hair.

Cordless and Portable: The cordless feature eliminates any restriction on movement, and the portable design allows easy transportation.

Extended Runtime: The 48-minute runtime is commendable, enabling long, uninterrupted cleaning sessions.


Limited Battery Life: Despite a good runtime, the battery may not suffice for larger homes or extended cleaning.

Weight: Being 330W, the vacuum could be on the heavier side for some users, impacting portability.

Absence of a spare battery: The vacuum does not come with an extra battery, potentially disrupting cleaning in the event of battery depletion.


Is the vacuum suitable for cleaning pet hair?
Yes, the vacuum is designed to handle various cleaning needs, including pet hair.

Can the vacuum cleaner reach under furniture?
Yes, the vacuum’s 45° bendable rod allows it to reach under furniture effectively.

How long does the battery last?
The vacuum has a runtime of up to 48 minutes on a single charge.

Is the vacuum heavy?
At 330W, the vacuum may seem weighty for some users.

Does the vacuum come with a spare battery?
No, this model does not include an additional battery.

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