G1 Robot Vacuum and Mop Combo 8000Pa: Comprehensive Review

**G1 Robot Vacuum and Mop Combo 8000Pa Adjustable Suction**: In-depth Examination of Features and Performance.


8000Pa Adjustable Suction: Efficiently picks up dirt and debris.
Vacuum and Mop Combo: Two-in-one functionality ensures clean floors.
3D Obstacle Avoidance: Enhanced navigation reduces the chance of collisions.
WiFi/APP/Alexa Compatibility: Offers convenient control options.
Self-Charging: Returns to its dock for charging, reducing manual intervention.
Auto Smart Mapping: Efficiently navigates and remembers floor plans.
Pet Hair Performance: Capable of picking up stubborn pet hair.


Mainly for Hardfloor and Carpet: Might not perform as efficiently on other surfaces.
Requires Regular Maintenance: Essential to keep performance at its peak.
Size and Bulk: Might find it challenging to clean under low-clearance furniture.
Connection Dependency: Requires stable WiFi for optimal control and functionality.


How efficient is the mop function?
The mop function works well on most spills and stains but might require manual intervention for tougher stains.

Does it remember the map of multiple floors?
Yes, the auto smart mapping can remember multiple floor plans.

Is it safe for use on hardwood floors?
Yes, the adjustable suction and mop combo ensures gentle cleaning on hardwood floors.

Can it be scheduled for cleaning?
With WiFi/APP/Alexa compatibility, scheduling cleaning times is both possible and convenient.

How frequently should filters be replaced?
Depending on usage, filters should be checked monthly and replaced if necessary.

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