Handheld Cordless Vacuum: 10000 Pa Suction with 25 Min Runtime


Powerful Suction: Boasting 10000 Pa, this vacuum can pick up debris efficiently.
Cordless Design: Offers convenience and flexibility for cleaning tasks.
Rechargeable: Reduces the need for disposable batteries and is eco-friendly.
Versatile Applications: Suitable for car, pet hair, hardwood floors, and home use.
Portable: Its compact design ensures easy storage and transport.


Limited Runtime: While 25 minutes might suffice for small cleaning tasks, larger jobs may require multiple charging sessions.
Potential for Reduced Suction: Like most vacuums, suction might decrease as the dust bin fills or if not maintained properly.


Is the battery replaceable?:
Can it pick up larger debris, like cereal or small toys?:
How long does it take to fully charge?:
Is there a warranty?:
Does it come with attachments for tight spaces or upholstery?:

(Note: Responses for FAQs are left blank, assuming that the product tester doesn’t have this specific information.)

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