ILIFE V8s Pro Robot Vacuum & Mop Combo: Pros, Cons, and FAQs

1. **Strong Suction**: 2000Pa suction power ensures effective cleaning of dirt, debris, and pet hair.
2. **Versatile Cleaning**: Combines vacuum and mop functions for dual cleaning capabilities.
3. **LCD Display**: Offers easy-to-read information and convenient controls.
4. **Large Dustbin**: 750ML capacity requires less frequent emptying.
5. **Smart App Integration**: Enables users to schedule, customize cleaning modes, and monitor cleaning progress.
6. **Effective on Various Surfaces**: Works on both carpet and hardwood floors.


Navigation Challenges: Might get stuck in complex room layouts or on certain obstacles.
Mopping Limitation: Not as efficient as dedicated mopping devices for deep cleaning.
Maintenance: Regular cleaning of brushes and filters is essential for optimal performance.


Is the device suitable for high-pile carpets?
While it works on carpets, its effectiveness may be reduced on high-pile variants.

Can it detect and avoid obstacles like stairs?
Yes, it has sensors to detect and avoid significant obstacles and drop-offs.

Is the app compatible with both Android and iOS platforms?
Generally, these robot vacuums offer apps compatible with both platforms, but it’s essential to check specific device compatibility.

How often should the dustbin be emptied?
Depending on the home’s dirt level, it might require emptying every one or two cleaning cycles due to its 750ML capacity.

Can I use any cleaning solution with the mopping function?
It’s recommended to use only water or specific cleaning solutions recommended by the manufacturer to avoid damage.

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