iRobot Replacement Parts Kit: Series e, i & j Roomba Filters & Brushes Review

1. Compatibility: Designed for Roomba series e, i & j, ensuring a snug fit.
2. Functional Package: Allows users to have all essential parts in one place.
3. Includes Hepa Filters: Captures fine dust and allergens effectively.
4. Edge Side Brushes: Improves edge cleaning, reaching tight corners effortlessly.
5. Organized Kit: Simplifies storage and maintenance of Roomba.


Limited to Specific Models: Only fits series e, i & j Roombas.
No Extra Accessories: Lacks tools like cleaning brushes or replacement wheels.
Potential Wear: Like all parts, these can wear out over time and require replacement.


Is this kit compatible with older Roomba models?
No, this kit is designed specifically for Roomba series e, i & j.

Are the filters washable?
While Hepa filters can capture fine particles, it’s recommended to replace rather than wash them for optimal performance.

How often should I replace the brushes and filters?
Regularly check for wear and tear. However, replacing every 3-6 months, based on usage, is typical for optimal performance.

Are there any tools included for installation?
This package focuses on replacement parts and doesn’t include installation tools.

Is the packaging eco-friendly?
The product description doesn’t specify packaging material.

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