Kenmore 600 Series Bagged Canister Vacuum – Purple


Lightweight Design: Easy to carry and maneuver.
Bagged Canister: Convenient for dust and dirt containment.
Pet PowerMate Brush: Effectively removes pet hair.
2 Motors: Provides powerful suction.
HEPA Filter: Captures small particles, beneficial for those with allergies.
Aluminum Telescoping Wand: Allows for an adjustable reach.
Retractable Cord: Offers easy storage.
4 Cleaning Tools: Provides versatility in cleaning various surfaces.


Bag Replacement: Regular purchase of bags may be needed.
Potential Noise Level: Could be loud during operation.
Size: Might be bulky for some storage spaces.
Complexity: Some may find the numerous accessories and features overwhelming.


Is it suitable for hardwood floors? Yes, with proper attachments.
Can I use it on upholstery? Yes, using the provided tools.
What’s the length of the cord? Generally, it varies, but it is retractable for convenience.
Are bags readily available? Yes, they can be purchased at various stores.
How does the Pet PowerMate Brush work? It is designed specifically to remove pet hair from various surfaces.

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