Lightweight Cordless Stick Vacuum W26: Power, Performance and Portability

In evaluating the Lightweight Stick Vacuum Cleaner W26, several notable characteristics stand out, which have been broken down into its advantages and disadvantages.


Lightweight Design: One of the most evident strengths of the W26 Vacuum Cleaner is its compact and lightweight design. This makes it easy to handle and maneuver, particularly for prolonged cleaning sessions.

280W Brushless Motor: Equipped with a 280W brushless motor, the vacuum offers potent suction capabilities. It’s more than capable of tackling heavy-duty cleaning tasks.

Versatile Cleaning: This device effectively cleans various surfaces, ranging from hardwood floors and carpets to more delicate surfaces. It is also efficient at removing pet hair, making it suitable for pet owners.

LED Display: The LED display is user-friendly and provides easy access to essential information like battery status and cleaning modes.

Long Runtime: One significant advantage is its 45-minute long runtime, courtesy of its efficient battery system. This duration allows for extensive cleaning sessions without interruptions.


Suction Power on Carpets: While the vacuum cleaner boasts 25 Kpa of suction power, some might find the suction power on carpets to be somewhat lacking, especially for thick carpets.

Battery Charge: Despite its long runtime, the vacuum cleaner requires considerable time to recharge fully. This could be an inconvenience for those needing to use the vacuum cleaner frequently or for extensive periods.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this vacuum cleaner suitable for hardwood floors?
Yes, the W26 Vacuum Cleaner works efficiently on hardwood floors. It can easily pick up dust and debris without causing any scratches or damage.

Can this vacuum cleaner remove pet hair?
Yes, it can. The vacuum cleaner has been designed to effectively remove pet hair from various surfaces.

What is the runtime of the battery?
The vacuum cleaner can run up to 45 minutes when fully charged, allowing for extended cleaning sessions.

Is the suction power sufficient for carpets?
While it performs well on most carpets, the suction might be a bit underwhelming for thicker ones. Its efficiency largely depends on the thickness and material of the carpet.

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