Mattress Vacuum Cleaner 400W: Pros, Cons & FAQs

Pros of Mattress Vacuum Cleaner 400W (ZG-KT02A):

High Suction Power: With 12KPa suction, it effectively removes dust and mites.
Versatile: Designed for mattresses but also suitable for sofas, pillows, and more.
Handheld Design: Easy to maneuver and reach tricky spots.
400W Motor: Ensures consistent performance and durability.

Cons of Mattress Vacuum Cleaner 400W (ZG-KT02A):

Specific Target Audience: Primarily designed for bed and upholstery cleaning, might not replace a full-size vacuum.
Handheld Nature: Prolonged use might be tiring for some users due to its handheld design.


Is the vacuum battery-operated or corded?

The Mattress Vacuum Cleaner 400W is a corded model, ensuring consistent power during use.

Can it handle pet hair effectively?

While primarily designed for dust and mites, the high suction power can handle pet hair on mattresses and upholstery.

Is there a filter system?

Yes, the vacuum comes with a filtration system that captures fine particles to ensure clean air exhaust.

How often should the filter be replaced?

It’s best to refer to the user manual or manufacturer’s guidelines for filter replacement.

Is the noise level bearable during operation?

Noise level varies among users. However, with a 400W motor, some noise can be expected.

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