Neutop Replacement Filters for Ecovacs Deebot Series: Comprehensive Review

Product under review: Neutop Replacement Filters for Ecovac Deebot Series


Compatibility: These replacement filters show great compatibility with a wide range of Ecovacs Deebot models, including N79S, N79, DN622, DN622.11, DN622.31, N79W, N79se, and Deebot 500 DC3G. This provides versatility for users with different models of Ecovacs Deebot robot vacuums.

Package Quantity: With a 9-pack set, users get a good supply of filters, reducing the frequency of repurchase and providing convenience.

Performance: The Neutop filters perform at a high level, effectively capturing dust particles and allergens, enhancing the overall cleaning efficiency of the vacuum.


Exclusivity: The filters are exclusive to specific Ecovacs Deebot models, which may limit their applicability for users with different vacuum models.

No Pre-Filters Included: This product does not include pre-filters. Some users might prefer a comprehensive set with both primary filters and pre-filters.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1: Are these filters washable?
A1: No, these filters are not washable. It is advised to replace the filter regularly for optimal performance.

Q2: How often should I change these filters?
A2: The frequency of changing filters depends on usage. However, for general household use, it’s recommended to replace filters every 2-3 months.

Q3: Are these filters made by Ecovacs or a third party?
A3: The Neutop Replacement Filters are made by a third party, but they are fully compatible with the stated Ecovacs Deebot models.

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