P8PLUS Cordless Vacuum Cleaner – 16Kpa, 4-in-1 Stick, Lightweight, Grey

1. **16Kpa Powerful Suction:** Effortlessly lifts dust and debris from various surfaces.
2. **40 Minutes Running Time:** Allows sufficient cleaning without the need to frequently recharge.
3. **Lightweight Design:** Ensures comfortable use and easy maneuverability.
4. **4-in-1 Stick Vacuum:** Provides versatile cleaning options for different needs.
5. **3 Crevice Tools Included:** Additional attachments for hard-to-reach areas.
6. **Pet Hair Removal:** Specifically designed to clean pet hair, offering pet owners convenience.
7. **Bagless Operation:** Makes emptying the dust container simple and mess-free.


Limited to Hard Floors: May not be suitable for carpets or other soft surfaces.
Possible Battery Life Issues: Some may find the running time insufficient for larger homes.
Grey Color Only: Lack of color options might not appeal to all users.

People Care FAQs:

Q: Can it clean carpets efficiently? A: This vacuum is designed mainly for hard floors, and its performance on carpets may not be optimal.
Q: How heavy is it? A: The lightweight design ensures ease of use and carrying.
Q: Is it suitable for pet hair? A: Yes, it is specifically designed to handle pet hair effectively.
Q: How long does it take to recharge? A: The information on recharge time is not provided, but it offers up to 40 minutes of cleaning time.
Q: Are there any attachments? A: Yes, it comes with three crevice tools to clean difficult-to-reach areas.

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