Pacroban ONE+ 18V Cordless Hand Vacuum Review: Pros and Cons

**Pros of the Pacroban ONE+ 18V Cordless Hand Vacuum (PCL700B)**:
1. **Cordless Design**: Provides flexibility and ease of use without being tied down by a cord.
2. **Powered Brush Feature**: Helps in removing stubborn dirt and ensures deeper cleaning.
3. **Compatible with ONE+ Battery**: Allows users to utilize batteries they might already own.
4. **Compact and Lightweight**: Ideal for quick clean-ups and easy storage.
5. **Stylish Black Green Aesthetic**: Gives it a modern and appealing look.

Cons of the Pacroban ONE+ 18V Cordless Hand Vacuum (PCL700B):

Tool Only Purchase: Does not come with the required battery or charger, necessitating separate purchases.
Battery Life: Depending on usage and battery age, it may require frequent recharges.
Limited to Smaller Tasks: Not intended for heavy-duty or large-scale cleaning.
No Wall Mount: Lacks a hanging feature for wall-based storage.

FAQs People Often Ask:

Is the battery included?
No, this is a tool-only purchase. The battery and charger are sold separately.
Can it pick up pet hair effectively?
With its powered brush feature, it can handle pet hair, though performance may vary based on the amount and type of hair.
What is the capacity of the dust bin?
Specific capacities may vary; refer to the product specifications for detailed information.
Is the filter washable?
Many hand vacuums feature washable filters, but always check the user manual for specific maintenance instructions.
Does it have a warranty?
Warranty details should be provided by the manufacturer or seller; it’s recommended to check upon purchase.

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