Portable Mini Auto Vacuum Cleaner: Wireless, 6000 Pa Suction Power Review

– **Compact and Portable:** Ideal for quick cleanups in cars, homes, and offices.
– **Wireless Design:** No cords to limit reach or movement.
– **Powerful 6000 Pa Suction:** Efficiently removes dirt, debris, and spills.
– **Quick Charge Technology:** Reduced downtime between uses.
– **Rechargeable:** Environmentally-friendly and avoids constant battery replacements.
– **Stylish Black Finish:** Blends well with modern interiors and car designs.


Limited Battery Life: May not last for extended cleaning sessions.
Not Suitable for Deep Cleaning: Best for surface debris and not heavy-duty tasks.
No Attachments Included: Specific cleaning tasks may be challenging.


How long does a full charge last?
Is the filter washable or replaceable?
Can it pick up pet hair effectively?
What is the capacity of the dustbin?
Is it suitable for wet and dry spills?

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