Product Review: BISSELL 2252 CleanView Swivel Upright Bagless Vacuum

This analysis of the BISSELL 2252 CleanView Swivel Upright Bagless Vacuum focuses on key aspects of the product including its swivel steering, pet hair pickup, specialized pet tools, large dirt tank, and the Easy Empty feature.

Pros of BISSELL 2252 CleanView Swivel Upright Bagless Vacuum

Strong Pet Hair Pickup: Its robust pet hair pickup is a standout, making it a prime choice for pet owners. This vacuum handles pet hair on multiple surfaces with ease.

Swivel Steering: Maneuverability is significantly improved due to the swivel steering feature. This aids in accessing hard-to-reach areas and around furniture effortlessly.

Specialized Pet Tools: Additional tools dedicated to pet hair removal increase the vacuum’s effectiveness, targeting stubborn hair embedded in furniture or carpets.

Large Capacity Dirt Tank: This vacuum’s large capacity dirt tank means more cleaning with fewer emptying breaks, leading to improved productivity during cleaning sessions.

Cons of BISSELL 2252 CleanView Swivel Upright Bagless Vacuum

Size and Weight: The larger capacity and robust features mean that this vacuum is on the heavier side, which could be a challenge for those seeking lightweight cleaning solutions.

Noise Level: Users have noted the vacuum produces considerable noise while in operation, which may be disruptive in quiet environments.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does the BISSELL 2252 CleanView vacuum work well on multiple surface types?

Yes, this vacuum performs well on various surfaces, including hard floors and carpets.

How easy is it to empty the dirt tank on the BISSELL 2252 CleanView?

The BISSELL 2252 CleanView vacuum has been designed with an ‘Easy Empty’ dirt tank to facilitate straightforward, mess-free disposal of collected dirt and debris.

Can this vacuum effectively clean corners and edges?

The vacuum’s swivel steering and specialized tools help clean corners and edges efficiently.

Please note that this review doesn’t offer any conclusion or final verdict on the product. It’s solely meant to provide useful information to make an informed decision about the product.

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