R5S Stick Vacuum Cleaner Review: 16KPa Power & 3-in-1 Design

R5S Stick Vacuum Cleaner: A Comprehensive Look


Powerful Suction: At 16KPa, it ensures optimal dirt and debris pick-up.
Extra Long Cord: A 20FT cord offers extensive reach for larger spaces.
Versatile 3-in-1 Design: Can be used as a stick, handheld, or extended reach vacuum.
Efficient HEPA Filter: Captures fine dust particles and allergens.
400W Motor: Guarantees strong performance throughout use.
Pet Hair Specialist: Specifically designed to tackle challenging pet hair.
Lightweight: Enhances user comfort and maneuverability.


Corded Design: Some users might prefer the freedom of a cordless vacuum.
Possible Short Lifespan: 400W motors can sometimes overheat with prolonged use.
Bulkier Than Some Models: Despite being lightweight, the design can be bulky for storage.


Is the R5S suitable for all floor types? Yes, its powerful suction makes it efficient for hard floors and carpets alike.
How often should the HEPA filter be replaced? For optimal performance, consider checking the filter every 3-6 months. Replacement can vary based on usage.
Can the vacuum handle larger debris? While primarily designed for finer dust and pet hair, the R5S can manage larger debris but might require frequent bin emptying.
Is the vacuum noisy? The 400W motor ensures power, but noise levels can be subjective. Most users find it moderate.
Are attachments included? Specific attachments can vary by seller. However, the 3-in-1 design generally provides versatility in cleaning needs.

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