Review: 15V Hand Vacuum Charger for Black & Decker Dustbuster

1. **Compatibility**: Designed to fit various Black and Decker Dustbuster handheld vacuum models such as HNV115J13, HFVB315J22, HHVI315JO42, and HHVI320JR02.
2. **Direct Replacement**: Acts as a suitable substitute for the original 90629039 charger power cord.
3. **Stable Output**: Provides a consistent 15V power supply, ensuring reliable charging for the vacuum.
4. **Safety Features**: Built with safeguards against overcharging, overheating, and short-circuits.


No Fast Charging: Lacks advanced fast charging capabilities which might mean longer charging times compared to some modern chargers.
Limited Compatibility: Exclusively for certain Black and Decker Dustbuster models and may not fit other handheld vacuums.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Is this an original Black and Decker charger? – No, it is a replacement charger compatible with specific Black and Decker Dustbuster models.
How long is the power cord? – The length of the power cord is not explicitly mentioned, so it would be ideal to check with the seller or manufacturer for specifics.
Does it come with a warranty? – Warranty details might vary based on the seller or distributor. It’s always recommended to inquire directly from the point of purchase.
How does this charger handle voltage fluctuations? – The charger is designed with safety features, but it’s always best to use it within specified voltage ranges to ensure longevity and safety.

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