Review: 2-Pack 53574A-5 Cord Hook for Sanitaire & Eureka Upright Vacuum


Compatible with multiple Sanitaire and Eureka upright vacuum models (SC678, SC679, SC684, SC689, SC886, SC899, OR100, OR101, OR102).
Directly replaces a variety of part numbers (53574-1, 53574-2, 53574-3, 53574-4, 53474-5, 56703490), simplifying the search for the right product.
Comes in a 2-pack, offering a spare for future use or replacement.
Robust construction ensures durability and longevity.
Simplifies the cord management process, ensuring a tidier cleaning routine.


Only specific to Sanitaire and Eureka upright vacuum models, limiting its compatibility range.
Might not be an official OEM product, potentially affecting the fit and finish.
No indication of warranty or guarantee.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Does it fit other brands of vacuum cleaners?
A: This cord hook is specifically designed for select Sanitaire and Eureka upright vacuum models.
Q: Is installation easy?
A: For most users, the installation process is straightforward.
Q: Is the material of the hook durable?
A: It’s built for durability to withstand regular use.
Q: Do I need any tools to install it?
A: Generally, no special tools are required, but refer to your vacuum’s manual to be sure.
Q: Are instructions included in the package?
A: The package may not always contain instructions, but installation is intuitive for most models.

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