Review: BLACK+DECKER BDXMSV009G Stick Vacuum Cleaner

1. **Powerful Suction**: Boasting a 480-watt motor, the cleaner delivers a robust suction power of 16kPa. This ensures effective cleaning across various surfaces.
2. **Swivel Steering**: Maneuverability is enhanced with its swivel steering feature, enabling the cleaner to navigate easily around obstacles.
3. **Unlimited Runtime**: Being corded, users don’t need to worry about battery life, ensuring a continuous cleaning session.
4. **Bagless Design**: Eliminates the need to purchase and replace vacuum bags, making it cost-effective in the long run.
5. **Stylish Appearance**: The green and gray design provides a modern aesthetic that will complement many home décors.


Corded Limitations: Though it provides unlimited runtime, the cord can limit mobility and require users to switch outlets for larger cleaning areas.
Potential Storage Issues: As a stick vacuum, it might be taller than some storage spaces allow.
Absence of Battery: The lack of a battery-operated option might be a downside for those wanting to use it in places without a nearby outlet.


Is the dust container easy to empty?

Yes, the bagless design ensures easy disposal of collected dirt without the mess.

What type of surfaces can it clean?

With its 16kPa suction power, it is capable of cleaning a variety of surfaces from hard floors to carpets.

Does it come with any additional attachments?

The product specifications do not mention additional attachments. It’s recommended to check with the manufacturer or retailer for detailed information.

How loud is the vacuum during operation?

While exact decibels aren’t specified, most modern vacuums, especially from reputable brands like BLACK+DECKER, are designed to operate with minimal noise. Checking user reviews can also provide insights.

Is there a warranty on this vacuum cleaner?

Warranty details may vary depending on the region and seller. Always consult the product’s manual or contact the manufacturer to get accurate warranty information.

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